Starting early

  • Starting Early

    Helping you look after your child’s future.

    As parents we all want to give our children the very best start in life. As well as giving them help and support we also need to prepare them for whatever lies ahead.So making sure they know how to look after their money and make the most of it is a great lesson to teach them early on.

  • Getting Started


    Island First Account

    Simple, straightforward savings account for children aged 17 or under. Open with as little as £1. We’ll give them a paying-in book and they’ll earn interest on their balance too.

    Classic Current Account

    Island Future Account

    For children aged between 11 and 18. Flexible and easy to use account. Your child can pay in and take out money whenever they want at their local branch. Lloyds Bank Cashpoint® card available.


    Save The Change

    An easy way to boost your child’s savings. By rounding up your debit card purchases to the nearest pound, it automatically deposits the difference into your child’s savings account the next working day.

  • Saving and Investing For Your Child's Future


    Island Regular Savings Account

    A great way to build your savings: the fewer withdrawals you make the higher the rate of interest you’ll earn. Start with as little as £1, and pay in up to £2,000 a month. You still have instant access to your money if you need it.


    Fixed Term Deposits

    Know exactly how long you’re saving for and what interest rate you’ll receive. £10,000 minimum deposit. Deposit for up to 5 years.


    Investment funds

    Invest in a range of asset classes. Our experienced investment managers will use their expertise and understanding of market conditions to help you achieve the best return on your investment.