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    Stepping up to personal financial relationships.

  • Welcome to banking that’s focused on you

    Everyone has their own priorities and we all like to be looked after personally. So we’ve created the Island Premier Banking Service to bring you traditional, personal service combined with all the benefits of modern banking.


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    Why choose Premier banking?

    Enjoy the benefits of your very own Island Premier Manager based in a local Lloyds Bank branch, the support of the Premier PhoneBank team available 24/7 and access to your account details online.


    Island Premier account.

    Looking for a current account that offers you more? Island Premier offers you a range of rewarding benefits and preferential rates.


    International Premier banking benefits.

    Being a Premier Banking customer entitles you to a range of benefits that can give you extra peace of mind and make life easier all round.


    Preferential rates.

    As a Premier Banking customer, you'll benefit from a package of money-saving extras including reduced Valuation Fees on mortgages.