• Customer Relationship Agreement

    Notice of Variation


    June 2014


    We, Lloyds Bank International Limited, would like to notify you of some changes we are making to our Customer Relationship Agreement ("LBIL CRA"). These changes are additional to those outlined in our letter, leaflet and Notice of Variation which were sent to you in March 2014. With the exception of the changes relating to condition 8.5, which have been made to correct an existing error (albeit one that is unlikely to have previously affected you), these changes are minor and intended to make our agreement with you as clear as possible.


    The changes, which are set out in the Notice of Variation here, will take effect from 4 August 2014.


    Where can I find the updated LBIL CRA?


    You can view the updated LBIL CRA here. This will apply to your existing accounts as well as any new accounts you may open in the future. If you would prefer a paper copy, please contact us or visit one of our branches.


    Further Information


    To ensure you understand all of the changes and how these may affect you, please read the Notice of Variation together with the updated LBIL CRA If you agree to the changes set out in the table, you do not have to do anything and they will apply to your account from 4 August 2014. However, if you have any questions about any of the changes, or are uncertain of how they may affect you, please call us on 0345 835 5754 (+ 44 (0) 1539 871 561) before 4 August 2014.


    Notice of Variation - PDF


    Updated Customer Relationship Agreement - PDF