Making commitments

  • Making commitments

    There are some decisions in life that mean making serious commitments with your money. Buying a home, taking out a loan, and investing for the future can all have a big impact on your personal finances. So it’s good to know that at Lloyds Bank we have the expertise to help.

  • Buying a home


    Choosing the right mortgage

    Whether you're a first time buyer, moving house or looking for a new deal, you'll want to keep it as straightforward as possible. Whatever your reason for needing a new mortgage, we'll help you decide which type of repayment option and what sort of mortgage loan suits you.

  • Adding flexibility


    Personal loans

    Planning some home improvements, a new car or a well–earned holiday? Our personal loans can make life a bit more flexible by borrowing a lump sum and budgeting for regular fixed repayments over a fixed period of months or years.

  • Saving or investing for the big things in life


    Island Regular Savings Account

    A great way to build your savings. You can start with as little as £1, and pay in up to £2,000 a month. It also rewards you when you keep on saving – the fewer withdrawals you make the higher the rate of interest you'll earn. And, you still have instant access to your money if you need it.


    Fixed Term Deposits

    You can't see what the future may hold but with our Fixed Term Deposit you'll know exactly how long you're saving for and what interest rate you'll receive. The minimum deposit is £10,000 and you can put it on deposit for up to five years.


    Investments funds

    Our collective investment funds give you an opportunity to invest in a range of asset classes. Our experienced investment managers will use their expertise and understanding of market conditions to help you achieve the best return on your investment.