• Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for Islands Customers

    Coronavirus information specifically for Islands Community Bank customers.

    Bonus saving product holders

    Overdraft changes

    Branch opening hours

    Travel insurance

    UPDATED: Branch opening hours

    In response to the ongoing challenges provided by Coronavirus (COVID-19) our branches will remain open, but we have to make changes as detailed below. These hours are subject to ongoing review.

    Island New opening hours New opening days
    Jersey (all branches) 09:30 - 15:30 Monday - Friday
    Isle of Man (all branches) 09:30 - 16:30 Monday - Friday
    Guernsey (all branches) 09:30 - 16:30 Monday - Friday
    Alderney 09:30 - 15:00 Monday - Friday

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    Simplified process for existing bonus savings product holders

    We are constantly looking to improve our processes and are pleased to announce that any customers with an Island Bonus Saver or Island Premier Savings account, no longer need to have an appointment in branch in order to open a new account at the end of their 12 month interest bonus period.

    Customers can email the relevant address below, stating that they wish to be placed onto a new 12 month bonus rate. Our colleagues will then contact you to verify the request and will then process your instruction.

    Email is not a secure method of communication, so please don’t send us your account details or any other confidential information. Your surname and post code is all we need.

    Jersey JSY@lloydsbankinternational.com
    IOM IOM@lloydsbankinternational.com
    Guernsey GSY@lloydsbankinternational.com

    Alternatively customers can write to us, using the address information found here

    Under normal business circumstances (post the Coronavirus pandemic) you will be able to provide us with an instruction in branch – though at the moment we are advising against all but essential branch visits and we thank you for your understanding.

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    Reducing our planned overdraft charges

    To support our customers through the impacts of the Coronavirus we are reducing our planned overdraft charges. Please note this offer has been extended.

    • The first £500 of your arranged overdraft will be interest and fee free between 9 April and 9 August 2020
    • If your arranged overdraft is lower than these amounts all of it will be interest and fee free
    • This automatic buffer will end on 9 August 2020 for all customers
    • After 9 August 2020 the interest and fee free amounts on our accounts are set out below
    • If you already have an arranged overdraft, you do not need to take further action
    • There are no changes to Student or Graduate account overdrafts
    Current Account Interest and fee free amount between 9 April and 9 August 2020 Interest and fee free amount after 9 August 2020
    Island Cheque £500 £25
    Island Gold £500 £50
    Island Premier £500 £250
    All other accounts £500 £0

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    Travel insurance update: Coronavirus

    With cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) being diagnosed in various countries, customers have been calling AXA to understand how their travel insurance is impacted. You should monitor the situation through official sources such as:

    It is important to note that if you book a trip after 18th March your policy will not cover any trip under the Cancellation or curtailment charges and early return section in relation to Coronavirus. AXA will continue to cover medical costs if customers become ill in a country or region the FCO hasn’t advised against visiting.

    If you booked a trip prior to 18 March and want to understand the cover you have or want to register a claim online, see our FAQs.

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