Confident saving

  • Confident Saving

    Everyone has something they'd like to save for, from the tiniest treats to the most significant, life–changing plans.

    At Lloyds Bank, we've got all sorts of ideas to help your savings grow into something altogether more rewarding.

  • Everyday Saving


    Island Regular Savings Account

    A great way to build your savings: the fewer withdrawals you make the higher the rate of interest you'll earn. Start with as little as £1, and pay in up to £2,000 a month. You still have instant access to your money if you need it.


    Island Instant Access Account

    If you want to save as much as you like whenever you like, our Instant Access Account could be just the thing for you: no minimum balance, withdraw up to £200 a day in branch or by using your Cashpoint® Card without penalty.


    Island 30 Day Account

    If you like the thought of putting away a larger deposit with the option of adding to it over time, this account combines the higher, tiered interest of a notice account with the flexibility of saving more whenever you like.


    Island Investment Account

    A higher rate of interest and an introductory bonus for the first 12 months. Ideal for larger sums up to £1 million. Give us 60 days' notice to withdraw money without paying a penalty.

  • Specialist Saving


    Fixed Term Deposits

    Know exactly how long you're saving for and what interest rate you'll receive. £10,000 minimum deposit. Deposit for up to 5 years.

  • Investing


    Investment funds

    Invest in a range of asset classes. Our experienced investment managers will use their expertise and understanding of market conditions to help you achieve the best return on your investment.