• Changing your personal details

    All the information you need to change your name, address or telephone number.

    What would you like to change?

    Change your name

    For security reasons, changing your name cannot be completed online.

    Drop into your local branch taking the appropriate acceptable evidence with you as detailed below:

    For divorce situations:

    • Divorce Papers or Decree Absolute AND a Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate or Deed Poll/copy of entry in the Register of Corrections (Scotland only).

    For other situations:

    • Deed Poll (not available in Scotland)
    • Marriage Certificate/Civil Partnership registration document
    • Statutory Declaration
    • Copy of entry in Registry of Corrections (Scotland only)
    • Amended birth certificate issued by Registrar General, Edinburgh (Scotland only)
    • Adoption Certificate.

    Change your address

    Our Mobile Banking app is the easiest way to change your address. It’s quick, time-saving and can be done in just a few simple steps.

    First you’ll need to log on to the app. Then click the menu icon, go to ‘Settings and Info’ and ‘Your personal details’. Select your address and then follow the on-screen commands.

    Find out how to download the app and register your device. Terms and conditions apply.

    If you are moving abroad, the change is for a child’s account, or you need letters sent to more than one address, please visit your local branch.

    Other ways to change your address

    You can drop into one of our branches. Or if you're registered with PhoneBank call us on 03457 449 900 (+44 (0) 1539 736 626 from outside the UK). 

    You can also write to us at:
    PO Box 12
    Peveril Buildings
    Peveril Square
    Isle of Man
    IM99 1SS

    We will also need your:

    • Name
    • old address
    • new address
    • product account or policy number
    • date of birth
    • phone number or email address
    • signature.

    Add or change your telephone number

    It's important that we have your telephone number. Your phone will provide an extra layer of security when shopping and banking online.

    How to add or change your number:

    Via the app

    • Log on to our Mobile Banking app
    • Select ‘More’
    • Select your name
    • Under 'Your contact details', select the telephone number area
    • From here, you can add and update your telephone numbers

    Via Internet Banking

    • Log on to Internet Banking
    • Select ‘Your profile’
    • Select 'Change your contact details‘
    • Select ‘Change your phone number’
    • From here, you can add and update your telephone numbers

    Other ways

    Call us on 03457 449 900 (+44 (0) 1539 736 626 from outside the UK) or drop into one of our branches.