• Islands personal loans

    If you're planning to make some home improvements, buy a new car or treat yourself to a well–earned holiday but don't have all the money you need then a fixed rate loan can help. Our personal loans allow you to borrow a one–off larger amount and to budget for regular fixed repayments over a number of years.

  • Loan representative examples

      Borrowing amount Loan duration 36 monthly repayments Representative APR+ Total amount payable
    Standard account £7,500 36 months £246.64 11.90% £8,879.04
    Gold account £7,500 36 months £242.14 10.50% £8,717.04
    Premier account £7,500 36 months £239.27 9.60% £8,613.72

    +The Representative APR shown reflects the interest rate charged to customers.

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    Account Interest rate Minimum loan amount  
    Island Personal Loan

    Our flexible loans help you stay in control.

    Standard Personal Loan from: 8.70% to 14.90% APR* £500 Find out more
    Island Gold Personal Loan from: 8.50% to 12.50% APR* £500 Find out more
    Island Premier Personal Loan from: 7.70% to 10.60% APR* £500 Find out more

    Lending is at the Bank's discretion. How much we lend, the rate available to you and the issue of a loan is subject to our assessment of your circumstances. You must be 18 or over and resident in the Channel islands or Isle of Man to apply.

    * APR: Annual Percentage Rate - The interest payable on what you've borrowed is added up along with other charges (e.g. arrangement fees) and then expressed as an annual rate of charge. The APR helps you compare the true cost of borrowing. The APR takes into account all fees and charges applied to the loan as well as the monthly payments over its life.